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back popp deadlift candito program

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  • back popp deadlift candito program

    Hey guys, my back popped three times during a deadlift session two days ago. I tried to stay relaxed and continued to do 3x4x130kg after it happend. left side of lower back was abit sore but didnt feel too bad, i continue to be active with some air romanian deadlifts and will try some more weight at the gym tomorrow. If someone could just get me some tips on my form i would appreciate it! just dont want it to be a form thing and avoid it happening again! thanks!

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    Bar path looks fine to me. I would just do a better job managing load, that definitely looked like a single @9-10. I also wouldn’t be concerned with the “pop” as it’s not always indicative of injury.


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      Form looked decent. The popping may not be something to worry about it if it didn't cause you any pain.