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GPP Exercises Beginner Template Phase II

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  • GPP Exercises Beginner Template Phase II

    I'm about to move into Phase II of the beginner template and am trying to pick what GPP exercises that I will do. I'd like an extra set of eyes on this because, well, I'm a noob.

    My deadlifts, squats, and rows are all progressing, but my press and bench press are both starting to stall (hence moving to Phase II).

    I'm thinking of doing the following exercises for the GPP work:
    Bicep: barbell curls
    Tricep: dips
    upper back: chin ups
    abs: planks & crunches
    Cardio: since I've been running for years, I'm going to keep with a long run (8+ miles) on the weekend, and either swimming or a short run mid-week

    I am going to do the bi, tri, and back work on weightlifting days and do the ab workouts on the cardio days

    The only modification on the basic lifts that I am making is that I will continue with barbell rows instead of going to lever rows. I'm doing this mostly because I'm enjoying barbell rows.