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High Bar Depth Check (with new stance)

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  • High Bar Depth Check (with new stance)

    Hello guys.

    Recently I widened my stance on squats for two reasons: 1) I can go unnecessarily deep with a closer stance and 2) I switched to Sumo DL and found that I’m more comfortable with a more abducted stance.

    I just want to humbly ask you guys to rate my depth on these 2ct paused HBBS’s (not an exact 2ct, but it’s hard to count when you’re dying haha) at 187.5 lbs for [email protected]

    Legal PL depth says “crease of hips below top of kneecaps.” I’m confused, which part of the hip crease are they referring to? Is it the crease at the top that makes contact with your belly, or the “fold” of the fabric lower down (the fold that runs somewhat diagonally, originating from the top of the hip crease)?

    Thanks all.

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    Looks fine to me, plenty deep.

    Whenever I am unsure on my depth, I use the safety arms as a reference - they are (or should be) parallel to the ground, so as long as the top of your thigh either matches this, or slopes slightly downwards towards your hip you're generally fine.


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      They look good.
      A quick google came up with this link. I didn't read the text but the first diagram shows what they mean by hip crease -