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e1RM: switching from strength to hypertrophy

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  • e1RM: switching from strength to hypertrophy

    Hi BBM,

    Thanks for all the great content you put out.

    I’ve run the following after my LP (only missed 1 workout due to illness)

    bridge -> 3 day hyp -> 12 week strength -> 3 day hyp

    I’ve noticed that once I transition to the 3 day hyp, my e1RM seems to drop by 20 lbs or so. Is it normal to have your e1RM take a hit when measured by a [email protected] compared to previously being measured by a [email protected] (or even [email protected]).

    Overall I’m just making sure that I’m not no-cebo-ing myself.


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    This is definitely a typical response. Don't get too hung up on e1rm during an hypertrophy block.


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      Thanks Dave!


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        Higher rep work for hypertrophy with strength in mind, is generally intended to improve your potential for a higher 1RM, by increasing muscle size (understood to be the biggest indicator of potential 1RM) but to actually increase 1RM strength, that [email protected] and other higher intensity work is needed to train for that "test."

        Or another way of putting it, the lower specificity of the higher rep work is building a better base for the pyramid, and then you can climb it later and build a higher 1RM off of it with more specific higher intensity work later.

        Another factor to consider, is the "estimated" portion of the e1RM is based off of a chart that might not fully reflect your body today.

        In my limited RPE based training experience, for me as an individual, the generic RPE chart very poorly reflects what I can do for a 1RM. As the reps go down, the calculated e1RM plummets, and as the reps go up, it sky rockets.

        Mike Tuchscherer (the godfather of RPE based training) provided an article explaining how to customize your RPE chart to more accurately reflect yourself as an athlete.


        I intend to run this process after my next block completes
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