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  • GPP cardio questions

    Hey all,

    just started Strength and Conditioning template this week and love the layout. For the cardio/conditioning aspect of the GPP will simply walking around the neighborhood (some hills included) suffice. I plan on using 20 lb backpack or weighted vest while doing it. I hike and backpack as well so figured it would be good carryover and specificity for it as well.. I have a heart rate watch so was also where target rate should be for this steady state cardio?

    Secondly, was gonna do hill sprints or stairwell climbs for the HIT session?

    Does this seem like a solid plan?

    Lastly, I’m not strong enough in core to do ab rollouts or ganging leg raises. For the core/trunk GPP what alternative exercises would be approved in addition to planks?


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    Yea the general idea is to do something moderately challenging, and then slowly increase the amount of time that you do it for. Example would be starting with 25 minutes at RPE 6, and ending up with 35 minutes at RPE 7.

    Is walking around with a backpack for you RPE 6? Are you able to walk faster if it's too easy?


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      Jordan Feigenbaum answered in another thread asking whether to use weighted vests or increase speed, and his take was to not use weighted vests because weight training is not the goal of the cardio GPP. However, brisk walking/hiking should be good as long as it's raising your heart rate (that's determined by what conditioning you have already done cardio wise).