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  • Squat form check

    hey everyone, getting back into training seriously. would love some critique on my squat form....this is the first time having 365 on my back in about 8 years....been a long lay off from heavy squats and deads

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    Pretty solid man. If I'm nitpicking I would probably have your gaze move down to about 3-5 feet in front of you on the floor to help with getting more hip drive. Also, it should help you feel comfortable leaning over just a bit more as you're pretty vertical on this rep. Keep it up, in Austin's words that was "@ not heavy".


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      thanks for the advice man, I will try gazing down further in front of me. it's funny because this rep felt so heavy but on video it looks like probably an RPE 7? guess I need to get used to having heavier weights on my back.