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Straps for Deadlift variation

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  • Straps for Deadlift variation

    Any opinions on when it's appropriate to use straps on deadlift variations? (Obviously not using them for the competition lift)

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    I think they're appropriate on pretty much any deadlift that's not the comp lift.

    Certainly for paused work and any higher rep work where you don't want to be limited by grip strength.


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      Being almost at the end of LP, I can attest to this very issue. Until I got to 315, the hook grip was doable. But now that I’m in the 340 range, and not wanting to use cross grip, I’m gonna get straps in order to still use the double overhand grip. I also find that I can set my back easier with the double overhand as well. And I have no intention of competing. Just an old guy trying to get strong.