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  • Rpe

    Hi BBM team I have some questions on RPE and just want to confirm what I’m doing right and maybe wrong.

    so I’m fairly new to RPE in terms of my training has been LP Texas method and 5/3/1 till I found you guys and never looked back at the info you’ve given out

    so I never did the bridge which I should have and will do it next but currently doing a second run on your powerbuilding program

    so the first time I ran the program I used my actual 1Rm and ran it the whole 10 weeks with that as the max for the duration as I was not used to the sheer volume as I found it harder to complete the later sets.

    the second time through what I ha e done is whatever the first sets RPE is for example 6 I would work to what I thought was a 6 then I put that into the program then I would use that e1Rm for the rest of that exercise is this correct as this time I’m finding that sometimes the e1Rm is less the same and sometimes higher than my actual max is this right ?