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    i've been running the 10 week power building II template, i've seen relatively good progress. in week 2 i did the day 1 squats as following: 105kg 6 reps rpe6, 105kg 6 reps rpe7, 110kg 6 reps rep 8, 110kg 6 reps rpe9.5. in week 5 i did the day 1 squats as following: 105kg 6 reps rpe6, 107,5kg 6 reps rpe7, 110kg 6 reps rpe8, 110kg 6 reps rpe8.2, 110kg 6 reps rpe8.5, 110kg 6 reps rpe9. In week 6 i did the day 1 squats as following: 127,5kg 1 rep rpe8. in week 10 i did the day 1 squats as following: 137,5kg 1 rep rpe8.5.

    All other exercises saw an increase in weight and reps etc etc...

    bodyweight stayed at an arbitrary number plus 2kg from beginning to the end, height remained at an arbitrary number

    It says clearly that if you saw good progress in the power building template, an option is to run it again, and I'm not sure if im gonna leave gains at the table if i run it again. My concern is that if i run a different template, i.e the powerlifting template or similar, i will in theory see more progress than if i run the power building template again.

    Does anyone have any advice?
    thanks a lot

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    I would say it probably depends on your goals. Jordan usually seems to be pretty positive with regards to running programs twice in a row if you had solid results the first time around and the programs priorities still fit with your goals. Did you like the results you got and do you still feel like a priority split of strength maxes and hypertrophy fits your goals and enjoyment? If so, roll right along with another round of the program.

    If you want to focus more on hypertrophy without 1RM work, you could move towards Hypertrophy II. I'm doing Hypertrophy I now to work on improving my muscle size especially for upper body because I feel like that's a big limiting factor for my results. I'm really enjoying it because I haven't really run a program with this much upper body work and I feel like I'm making progress especially on push exercises.

    If you think you're at a decent muscular size, don't want to focus on putting on weight or just really want to work on pushing some 1RMs then you could look at something like Strengthlifting or Powerlifting II depending on whether your preference if to push your OHP more or your bench more.

    Just my two cents but hopefully it helps.


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      Thanks for your reply, BobbyD. I guess i'm gonna rerun the template now. Not sure what im gonna do after that though....