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RDL and SLDL stresses my low back

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  • RDL and SLDL stresses my low back

    Hi, I'm running your program but my daily work is of a nature that is already stressing my lower back, and rdl and SLDL is making it worse.
    Can I swap them for pause dl and 1" deficit or 1"block pulls.
    And what to chose for the first block and 2nd?
    Sorry for the bad English

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    I can say from experience that is not going to help your back. It may be a conditioning thing. Let it heal up back off the volume. When you feel good do high reps on squat day. Try 3 sets of 15 reps, one set of 20 reps, or 12 sets of 3 reps @ 60% with 15-20 secs rest. Pick one and do it for 3 weeks. The third week should a ball buster. Example: 20 reps on the third week- if you don’t have to think about the last 5 reps, it ain’t enough weight. On dead’s do 1 set of 10 reps at 80%, then 3 sets of of 5 at 50%. Don’t get crazy with the dead’s. Get nasty with squat reps. On squat day after squats try belt squats or leg presses. Watch the weight on leg presses it’s real easy to go too heavy!!!! That may help. It’s helped me get better with my conditioning.


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      Hi there! We do not recommend simply resting, particularly when it doesn't sound like there is anything notably wrong with the back here. If you are able to all of these other pulling variations, your back sounds fine.

      So what do you mean by they "stress" the lower back? They can certainly provide a lower back pump, some fatigue, and you might ache a bit sometimes, but that isn't an injury.
      Can you do RDLs and SLDLs at a lower back and be fine? If that's the case, then that's what you need to do-lower the weight, control your back in the movement, and build back up again gradually.
      You should be able to basically maintain your programming, as it sounds like you are doing one of our templates.

      I would not suggest doing all of these squats. :-)


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        Leah Lutz the squats were a pick one and rep scheme and do that for three weeks, I was giving examples . It will help up his conditioning (work capacity). I have done that reset stuff before it does not cure the problem. High reps can accomplish the task. Especially on squats. It can be considered a microcycle of sorts.


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          The exercise choices, rep schemes, and RPE schemes of BBM templates are designed to work together as a whole for the prescribed number of weeks. I wouldn't recommend inserting a few weeks of high-rep squat sets to help alleviate deadlift fatigue. If you are finding a specific exercise difficult, the variable you control is the weight on the bar. It can seem like lowering the weight is counterintuative to making progress, but keep in mind the point of RPE training is to train at a recoverable stress level. The fact that you've discovered you aren't recovering like you should is an absolutely perfect step in better applying RPE methods to your training.


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            The high reps scheme does in fact work. Getting stronger is fine but some time for conditioning is needed here. Three weeks of high reps, then three weeks of 10 reps. Then go to the regularly scheduled plan. Take some time here don’t think too hard about getting more weight. The conditioning work will help you achieve that in the long run. Three to six weeks once a year or so. The BBM template will always be there.