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Programing question, Squat form issue.

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  • Programing question, Squat form issue.

    Hi Team, first and foremost, thank you for everything you guys do, being able to lift as much as I am currently was never possible until BBM came along.

    Now, Im currently running the Powerlifting 2 template, and everything is great, but I feel like my squat form needs some work, and Id like to rehearse it more often. Ive been squatting with a more narrow stance, but after I started hitting 365lbs rpe 8 for a single rep, I notice a struggle after getting out of the hole, the bottom portion of the squat seems fine, i get out of the hole decently enough, often times my butt winks and my knees shift further forward once I start rising up, and then I feel a sharp pain on my back. Once i started to noticed this, I decided to drop the weight and rehearse, and then I started to notice that my hip is crooked, or rather tilted.

    So, my quesiton is, would it mess up my programming if I were to come in to the gym to do some tempo squats and really focus on my form, on the days that im suppose to be off ? (currently on week 9 of the template)

    Thanks again.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "mess up" here; it's unlikely to cause significant "harm", but I'm also not sure it's going to fix your issues at the top-end weights either. I would probably sub one of your supplemental squatting movements for a tempo movement if you want that additional practice, then post a video either here or to the FB group for some of our members to take a look at.
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