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Currently under the weather, what do?

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  • llaffin
    Week 1 is basically a deload already - I'd just go right into Week 1 again when you get back to training.

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  • Mort
    started a topic Currently under the weather, what do?

    Currently under the weather, what do?

    Hi. So I've been running the powerbuilding2 template with great progress at all movements and rep ranges, gained about 2 pounds of lean mass in the process. I've just agreed with myself that I will run the template one more time, however......

    I'm sick, training has been out of the question, I've missed about 2 training days now, I'm in the end of week10 and I thought I was gonna do a one week deload after week 10 before going back to w1.

    So when I am able to train again, should I just finish off the remaining 2 days of w10 and then do deload as planned, or if I get well in the middle of deload, just start in the middle of deload?