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Form Check: Squat and Bench

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  • Form Check: Squat and Bench

    Hi All,

    I was hoping to get a form check on my squat and bench. In the squat video, which is not the best angle, you'll see on my second rep that my hips slide backward before going up from out of the hole. I think this is due to insufficient quad activation on the initial push, as I cued the quads on reps 3 and 4 and those look better I think. But my head is all over the place! Anyway, what do you all think?

    My bench video is posted next. I am pretty happy with this set of five but would like to hear if anything looks out of whack or less than ideal. Thanks everybody in advance.

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    I think that your form is good. I wouldn't go as far as saying anything is 'out of wack' I have a few suggestions.

    SQUAT. Your gaze is straight down- like you are looking at your shoes. I would continue to look down, but a few feet in front of you. It seems like you are driving your hips forward hard at the top of each rep. I wouldn't drive hips forward at all (keep your back at an angle the entire time).

    BENCH. In my opinion you are bringing the bar too low on your chest. Also, don't be afraid to slam that bar up explosively.