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  • Rack Pulls/Block Pulls

    Hello and wanted to let you know how helpful your content has been during my two year fitness journey, so thank you!

    My question relates to block pulls, my set up has the bar resting about an inch higher than mid-shin, which is gonna be as close as I can get to the recommended “mid-shin”.

    This is was my first time ever pulling from this position and the work sets of four at a 7, 8 and 9 really seemed to tax my lower back, as my quads were almost removed from the lift.

    To help maybe put out this in context, my 1RM deadlift is 455 and my top set of [email protected] block pull today was 425.

    Not calling it pain in lower back, just felt very “used”. Curious if that is part of the novel stimulus or if maybe they were too heavy and I should lighten the load to hopefully engage more hamstrings/glutes? Oh yeah and I don’t feel like my back was rounded but no video either to prove.

    Thanks for any insight you care to offer!

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    This sounds fairly typical. Carry on
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