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  • Warmup for amrap

    how are you guys warming up for amrap without fatiguing?

    my current warmup for close grip bench is:
    20 reps bar
    15 reps 95lbs
    12 reps 125
    then amrap 135lbs.

    what does yours look like?

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    I'm not familiar with 100% of bbm programming, but I'm pretty sure none of it includes an AMRAP, unless you count the timed GPP AMRAP's which are not a traditional AMRAP since they are explicitly supposed to be performed in submaximal sets, "meaning the lifter should be able to perform additional reps or work and not go to failure."

    Now if I were doing a non BBM program with an AMRAP, how I warmed up would depend on if I'd done a similar movement pattern already that workout. If I opened with Press or Bench, did something lower body, and then were going to do a CGBP AMRAP for more than 10 reps like your example seems to be setting up for, I probably wouldn't do any warmup at all, as I'd still be warm from the earlier pressing movement.

    However, if it were an AMRAP for the first of that type of movement pattern of the day, or possibly for a lower anticipated rep count AMRAP, then I would probably warm up with sets of 5 titrating down as I got close to the working weight. Basically a traditional warm up.

    Edit: Exception. I frequently train dumbell rows in heavy (>100#), high reps that frequently end up being AMRAPs. For those, I frequently do 60%working weight x10, 80% working weight x10, then working weight for a target of 20-30.
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      Powerbuilding and Hypertrophy templates have amraps as some third movements.

      Like Serack said you're probably already warmed up from the first two movements so just jump into the set.


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        Originally posted by Serack View Post
        I'm not familiar with 100% of bbm programming, but I'm pretty sure none of it includes an AMRAP
        Some of the new BBM templates have traditional AMRAP sets programmed

        I typically don't warm-up for the amrap at all (maybe a set or two with with the empty bar if the movement pattern is unfamiliar to me). It's almost always the last movement of the day, and relatively light weight, so I don't really feel the need for a warm-up. I'd probably just skip the 12 reps w/ 125 in your case (keep the 95 if you want). But you can also keep doing what youre doing and its fine