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  • First time using bands

    I’m just about to buy some bands from rogue fitness and wanted to know which bands to use for Squats, Press, Deadlifts and Bench Press also should I double them or choke the bands. And what is the difference between putting bands under a rack and putting them under heavy dumbbells?

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    The bands should have a poundage assigned to them. Bottom of the squat should be easier and the top of the squat should be hard. Don’t go too high on the rep ranges. One to five reps. 3 sets or so. If you squat 315 for one then try dialing the actual poundage down to 225 and add 100 pounds of band tension. You can take 50 pounds of band tension and gradually work into the 100 pounds over a couple of weeks to get use to them. You should be able to wrap the band around the bottom of the rack. There is a cross member on some of the racks. With luck yours does too. If your even luckier some racks have rods specifically for band use. As for using dumbbells, that’s only if your rack can’t accommodate bands. Get really heavy dumbbells if you go this route. I hope this helps.


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      The way you use bands is going to depend on your rack/deadlift platform and your height mainly (and obviously your strength level to determine what level of tension your bands should add). At the gym I train at, I found that rougue mini bands are great for banded deadlifts and a little less than half their rated tension for reverse band squats (and useless for normal banded squats). I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I want to go about banded work myself but I hope this helps!