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    I have not been increasing my deadlift because im afraid that my form is not the best. Can someone help me fix my form?

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    First, any information I give you regarding "improving" your form is from an efficiency standpoint. What you are doing currently is fine and you are not any more likely to get injured deadlifting the way you currently are as opposed to if you had "perfect" technique. In other words, stop stalling your progression because your deadlift isn't perfect, you have a decent grasp on the movement and just need to tweak a few things to get a more effecient pull.

    I would lower your hips and try to flatten your back out. You lose your upper-back position when you start getting resistance from the bar so try and tighten your back up and think about finishing with your chest out. I would consider playing with your stance and hip height and finding what feels good to you. The major takeaway here is that there will be interpersonal variation on the exact position people like to pull from, there is no single perfect way to deadlift and everyone will move a little differently.

    Some resources for the deadlift
    Alan Thrall has literally 40 videos on the deadlift
    Bryce from Calgary Barbell has a series called form check friday where you can see a bunch of different people's deadlifts and the tips he gives them


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      JoshA nails it again.

      I'll add that Greg Nuckols has an excellent (if exhaustively long) deadlift guide on his website.
      Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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        This is my belt less low bar squat. Any thoughts please?


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          Originally posted by Brownkev1397 View Post
          This is my belt less low bar squat. Any thoughts please?
          Squat looks a little high. Preferably a couple centimeters deeper.