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Equipment less overload substitutions

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  • Equipment less overload substitutions

    I am putting this here because I'm sure Austin and Jordan have been asked a bunch of times even though the clearer answers are a bit deeper in the search function. I don't have any equipment yet for overloading movements and from what my understanding the substitutions should be:

    floor press or "board" press
    rack pull from shin
    beltless squat

    I will be slowly acquiring some equipment but I likely will not have any before my first run through of Strength I. Likely in a miniband, slingshot and then chains order as chains are the most expensive. Is there any other variations suggested or does this sound about right?

    Also sizing on the slingshots is confusing since I'm 181 lbs but in the middle of a bulk. My normal weight is a bit lower and I'm probably going to end up higher for the duration of the bulk.
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    For rack pulls and deficit DLs I put the weights on bumper plates or stand on them respectively.
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      yeah that pretty much covers it. You can use the bands for squatting as well (either as reverse bands or standard bands). Also I am around your weight and have 14.5inch arms and a pretty average chest for someone who lifts and an XL fits pretty well.