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  • Squat form check

    Howdy Everyone,

    Finishing up Bridge 1.0 this week after SSLP. Getting into weights heavier than I've ever handled (a good thing!), and I wanted to see what yall thought of my form.

    Two things I think I see:
    1) Bit of good morning coming out of the bottom. I think I need to focus on sitting back a bit more at the bottom. This used to be worse, but pin squats helped clean it up some.
    2) Because of item 1, my knees slid back a little coming out of the bottom.

    Unfortunately, I have to walk out the wrong direction because of the pull up bar. Also, does this look like a RPE8?

    Thanks for the time!
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    Squat looks fine to me mate, certainly nothing glaring that would stop you from continuing to put weight on the bar - some slight change in back angle is fine coming out of the hole.

    Maybe get some squat shoes, as the ones you're wearing don't look like they have a heel on


    • Brew_Strong
      Brew_Strong commented
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      He’s wearing Position R3s, which are weightlifting shoes. They have a 0.5” heel as opposed to the standard 0.75”.

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    Yeah your squat looks fine, good depth and the squat morning you are talking about is really slight. As far as RPE goes, 8 seems reasonable. I would always trust your judgement of RPE more than other people's since we are just guessing based on how hard it looked and don't know how "grindy" of a lifter you may or may not be.


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      Thanks for the feedback everyone. Happy to know form is okay. Onwards and upwards to new GPP Hypertrophy template.