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Dead lift failed grip.

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  • Dead lift failed grip.

    I am doing the SSLP and have been adding 10# a session to my deadlift for a few weeks.

    Over the last week my grip has been getting suspect...

    So I found Jordan’s article on grip and decided the best option was to switch from double overhand grip to hook.

    Well in today’s training session I forgot to use the hook all the way through my work set. @275# my grip failed on rep 3. I rested 5 seconds or so, remembered the hook grip... used it and finished my last two reps.

    When I did this my right shoulder had a slight twinge sensation. It was a very mild pain that lasted 30 minutes or so.

    Since I only have a session or two until I fail my 10# jumps altogether and revert back 10# followed by 5# jumps I figured I would just do that now.

    My questions are...

    Should I drop back a little more than 10# to train the hook grip? I would still stick with the new 5# jumps.

    Or, would I likely be ok with just the 10# drop and utilizing the hook grip from the first warm up lift through the work set? Still using the new 5# jumps.



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    Hi, since this a BBM forum, the standard advice is for you to switch from SSNLP to the BBM Beginner Template. The main downside to SSNLP is that each workout is effectively your new max. This means you reach the limit of the weak link in the lift (for you, grip) too soon.

    Just like you, when I did the SSNLP, I used to get relatively frequent bothersome injuries. This is also a result of lifting too heavy (RPE 9 and above), too soon and too often.
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      Not sure this applies. I don’t compete. So I just use straps for my last warmup set and working reps. My grip gets a little stronger over time as my warmup sets get heavier. The grip therefore never limits my progress in training this non-competition version of the lift.
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