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303 Squat backoff from Normal belted squat x 5

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  • 303 Squat backoff from Normal belted squat x 5

    The 3 up 3 down cadence from the Bridge program is new to me. Week 1 I goofed and did 303 squats x 5 instead of 8 reps, simple mistake. I just finished week 2 and even though I backed off slightly I still overshot my RPE by 20 pounds at least. These are brutal. What is a typical backoff on these vs a belted squat x 5? I'm an older guy, 50+ but have some experience with 20 rep breathing squats in my 30's so I know the pain and hard breathing is to be expected.

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    I don't think there's necessarily a typical "back-off" number or formula someone can give you, it'll vary from person to person, how much you've trained that variation etc. It should be significantly lighter though. Do whatever weight hits the RPE at the correct tempo - maybe even undershoot it if you've been overshooting, and go up from there