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Endurance Training with Powerlifting?

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  • Endurance Training with Powerlifting?

    I am a 18year old Male 174lbs currently I am in the U.S. Army as a Infantrymen, my question to all is If I want to build my strength back up (I’ve trained prior to this as a 83kg) what would the recommendation be or advice to still maintain my 13- max 14min 2 mile run time ? I am in Alaska so I burn a lot of calories as well being in extreme cold, but my main priority is having a balance between endurance training and strength training and still progressing. Instagram- Topdogz_martinez

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    I would make my goal maxing the PT test and moving on from there due to the career benefits tied to doing well, unless you are about to get deployed in a combat zone where strength is probably a bit more important.

    I would start with the beginner template with either phase 1 or 2 depending on
    1) how long you have taken off of training
    2) how long you had been training prior

    The longer the time away or the shorter the initial training period I would start phase 1
    The shorter the time away or the longer the inital training period, I would start phase 2

    Upon completion, the world is your oyster regarding templates, I think they have a concept map to lead you through it all on the shop. The other option would be General Strength and Conditioning however, I'm sure the Army takes any opportunity they can to run you guys so cardio is probably taken care of already.

    Watch out for elk!