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    Hi Everyone. I'm brand new to barbell training and it would be great if someone could give me any advice on my squat form. I had a friend tape me in the gym and I was a little worried about butt wink, so i went again and paid more attention to posture. I'll attach links to three short videos; the first one where I was in the high bar position and thought my back was rounding, then another go at high bar with better back shape, then low bar. The weight is super small but I'm just getting going!!

    Really appreciate any advice,


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    Another attempt at better posture...


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      And then a go at low bar...


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        These are fine, I'm not very worried about butt wink as it's basically just slight lumbar flexion caused by approaching end range of motion and probably not something worth concerning yourself with. Everything looks fine, if you are new, you may want to play around with smaller stuff like grip width and foot width and bar position on your back for preferences sake but you know how to squat correctly. With that being said, I would be interested in seeing how you handle heavier loads as these all looked extremely easy for you (so it was easy to keep good form).


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          Thanks Josh. It's good to have a second opinion. I'm taking the weight increase really slowly because of a really sensitised low back after years of chronic back pain (I started squatting after reading on here about low back pain). It seems that for me an increase in weight temporarily causes an increase in pain, but sensitivity reduces to that weight quite quickly over time. But i'm taking it slow to keep discomfort to a minimum.

          I'll play around with grip and foot width a bit and see how that goes. Thanks