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  • Which slingshot?

    Which slingshot do you recommend I get from the mark bells range of slingshots or I’ve looked at strength shop ballista or Thor ? Looking for people who have them which ones and what size and there weight etc to help me determine what size to go for and which one.

    getting it to use on strength 1 template.

    thanks in advance.

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    They are all probably the exact same thing, I would just buy a slingshot in the correct size and bench press 1rm unless you have a problem with Mark Bell. If you have big arms and are near the next size up, I would get the size up.
    I am 69in, ~177lb, ~14.5in arms and bench ~280lb and I have the original in XL which fits well (bought it when i was ~190)


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      I wouldn't assume all of them are the same. Bryce on Calgary Barbell said the Titan ram feels more like a bench shirt than the slingshot does. I don't know if the difference is enough to matter but apparently it's enough for him to notice.


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        For natural lifters, who are usually weaker right off the
        chest, why is the use of a slingshot beneficial since
        it is more end range overload?


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          For raw lifters there's not much direct benefit really. However overloads let you use higher weight in a full range of motion so unracking your usual heavy sets won't be as much of a suprise. It will also give your chest a break but still train your lock out hard.

          Most importantly though. Chains, bands and slingshots are fun to play with.


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            Very cool thanks!


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              I also like it for practice feeling of handling a heavy weight, gives me confidence for when I get there with regular comp bench. Ordered size XL, my BW is 200lb +/- 10lb. I have the blue one. 1rm is still under 275 so it suits me fine.


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                Thanks for the info, probably going to just get the strength shop one and see how it goes.