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  • Form Check for Beginner

    I have just started the beginner programme. I am coming back after rehabbing a knee injury. I have been training for a number of years, but mainly with bodyweight. This is my first time doing real barbell work. I am hoping to just get stronger and strengthen my leg muscles after rehab.

    Here is my squat, bench and deadlift:

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    Squat looks good, might be a tad high, might be the angle. Also I would try to straighten your wrists out but if it isn't bothering your wrists to squat like that, then i dont care (sometimes people who have their wrists cocked like yours will push up against the bar with their arms and bother their wrists, as long as you are pulling the bar into your back this isn't an issue.)

    For bench you really need to work on retracting your scapula (shoulders back) and It doesn't look like you are using any leg drive. The bar seems very wobbly but that might just be to you being so new to lifting.

    Romanian dead lifts look pretty solid, your hips might be shooting up some when you initiate the pull but that might just be due to it being an RDL (its easier to get out of position since you cannot reset between the reps) and I wouldn't be too worried about it unless you do it on heavier conventional deadlifts.

    Alan's vid on the bench, note how his legs are "flexing" when he benches, he is pushing himself up the bench which helps to keep yourself tight under the load.
    How to bench press more weight and prevent shoulder problems
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