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    Hi Guys,

    This is my first post, sorry if I'm posting in the wrong section or anything. I've noticed in my leg press training sometimes my knee twitches on lockout. In the linked video it is very noticeable on the third rep. I've seen far too many leg press "snap city" videos and wanted to know if BBM would have me do anything differently. I remember Dr. Mike Israetel saying that he believes there is no reason to avoid the leg press lockout on one of his instagram posts. I'm slightly apprehensive about returning to this exercise next week, should I change anything or keep going as normal? Thanks --> Leg Press 250kg x10 @RPE7.5

    For reference, I am 6'3 94kg and my squat 1RM is 210kg.

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    I'm not an expert in anything but I recall over the years when I read all the bodybuilder mags they didn't like lockouts of the knees on the leg press. From my experience, I've gotten some great leg work from leg presses without a lockout.