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Camera Angle for Main Lifts

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  • Camera Angle for Main Lifts

    I've seen a lot of comments about bad camera angles in form checks. Do you have any recommendations for filming your lifts?

    Mostly interested in deadlift, squat, bench, and overhead press. But any general thoughts on filming assistance lifts would be helpful too!


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    Since I don't come to the gym with a 2-camera rig and only use my phone, I try to use a directly side view, from the floor, for the deadlift and squat - generally to ascertain things like depth, hip drive, speed, lock-out, back neutrality.

    Same for the press, to guarantee the path of the bar is as vertical as it can without actually striking your chin.

    Sometimes, I'll use a 45 degree view, particularly on heavy lifts just to have a different perspective, and also because they look better on social media, shall I ever want to pursue that avenue

    For the bench press I'd be curious to hear what everyone else has to say, as I haven't found a way to do it - maybe due to the positioning of the bench in my gym.


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      Most of my squat videos are a side view, with the camera level with the hips at the bottom for a dead on look at depth.

      It's specific to the Starting Strength method and ideology, but they have a decent guide on form check video methods on their forum.
      Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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        Thanks guys. The side view parallel with the squat parallel goal makes a lot of sense as well as for bar path.

        for other angles, what do people think they are getting our of it? Asked another way, for what other objectives/form check goal would you use other camera angles?

        thanks again. This was helpful and I'll check out those links!


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          The link was perfect. Thanks again