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  • Training at sea(modified)

    Bit of a double post but I don't think this is going to get any feedback on the moderated side so I am tossing it over here and seeing what happens.

    I'll keep it short for you guys. I have pretty decent training habits established and I do my own programming for the most part. I just changed jobs a few months ago and I have to go to sea for 2-3 months at a time every year. The gyms on the boats vary but I will be lucky if I ever see a squat rack while out. I know there is leg extension; ham curl options as well as dumbells and the occasional BP and vary rarely a smith machine. My job not at sea is pretty lax and I am given paid time to lift. So training back home is super ideal even with family and life happening cause I can get all or 2/3 of my lifting in at work. With that said I figure its best to train mostly for strength and development while home and possibly cut/ maintain or recomp( if possible) with basically as much volume as I can handle while at sea.

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    Not sure what the question is


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      Basically just trying to get a feel for how some else, besides myself, would approach training with minimal equipment if they were stuck on a boat at sea for 2-3 months without having trash training.

      Obviously you cant squat heavy weight if you don't have a squat rack or possibly even a barbell. Seas also get rough, sometimes a lot more of the the time than not, hence my assumption to do as much hypertrophy as I can handle while at sea via dumbells, leg press, pull ups, whatever I have access to. Hoping to not trash my strength gains to much while I am gone.