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Myoreps and db bench

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  • Myoreps and db bench

    I just started the 7 week hypertrophy program and this is my first foray into myoreps. Last night I did the Day 2 workout and chose dumbbell bench for myoreps. All went well for the activation set but then, when normally I'd rack the bar, I realized that I'd either have to sit up and set the dumbbells down between each set or stay on my back and just keep holding them? or rest them on my chest? I wasn't sure exactly which way to go so the first time I sat up and then after that I tried just staying on my back. Neither one seemed correct.

    I finished the myoreps but I'm still left wondering what other people do when it comes to the short rests during myoreps when db benching. Any input or advice?

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    I would sit back up and hold/rest the dumbbells on my thighs until the next set


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      My shortcut way of doing BBM style myoreps is:
      1. Do activation set of 14-16 reps
      2. Put the weights down
      3. Count 5-6 deep breaths
      4. Pick the weights up
      5. Do another set of 3-5 reps
      6. Repeat 2-5 until the # of reps I can do decreases (I've seen Austin say stop after the first set with decreased reps, and Jordan say keep going until it drops down to 3 reps)
      Do it how it works for you. Anything more is probably sweating the small stuff too much, as evidenced by the slightly differing approaches between Austin and Jordan on when to stop.

      I've also got a writeup I did on Myoreps you might find useful
      Forum topics and other links I've found useful


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        Thank you for the responses. It sounds like sitting up and setting the dumbbells down on my thighs is the way to go.

        Serack, I read through your writeup earlier this week and found it useful!