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Disparity in strength increase

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  • Disparity in strength increase

    I just started the Strength 1 program. I’m on week 3- Seeing awesome results with my squat and bench (bench= 135 [email protected]%erepmax and squat=295 [email protected]%erepmax) but my deadlift is a hottttt mess. I pulled 315 for 3 beginning of December when I was on a program I put together myself. Went higher volume for the remainder of the month then started strength 1 Jan 1. While my squat/bench has been going up my deadlift has been rapidly declining and that’s always been my strongest lift. Today, I couldn’t even pull 285 for 1 rep Wagner a month ago I could do that for 5 @rpe8. Felt it heavy in my L4/L5. Any advice? A fellow coach suggested my core is “fried” and so my back is compensating since my core isn’t activating but stabilizing and bracing hasn’t been an issue with my squat.
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    you don't describe any pain, and if you are gauging your RPE correctly, then I would suggest chive on. Warm up the way you usually do, and listen to that to pick your weights. You'll regain confidence and strength soon enough.
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      It’s hard to say not knowing what your programming looked like before, but 3 weeks into this program isn’t enough time to make a judgement call or deviate from the program. Your goal should be to forget about comparing the weight on the bar and instead challenge yourself to hit the prescribed volume at the correct relative intensity. Dial it in and run the program as written and then reflect and adjust course when it’s complete.


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        Prior I had heavy squat, deadlift, bench spread out over 3 days with around 5 hypertrophy accessories supporting that days main lift vs this program that has a variation of all 3 big lifts in one workout. I will definitely still run the program And you’re right 3 weeks isn’t ample time but I was just surprised my deadlift dropped so significantly going into this program and even more surprised I was feeling pain in my L4/L5nut I’ll definitely chalk it up to impatience temporarily