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  • Beginner Template Phase 2 GPP

    I am starting phase 2 of the beginner template soon. I'm a little worried that my work capacity is not going to be high enough to add the extra work. But using RPE, that probably means that I'll just lower the weight to hit the right RPE target. So, then it's probably fine and RPE just did its job of self-regulation.

    My question for folks: Do you add the arms, trunk, etc GPP work to the end of your lifting days, LISS/HIT days, both?

    They each generally call for each GPP to be 2x per week. So does anyone find specific matching of GPP groups more effective?

    Thanks everyone!

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    I have a short window of time for the gym so I did my GPP on separate days from my lift days. On my GPP days I’d do arms, back, core and LISS/HiiT 2 days a week but I’d alternate exercises. So Monday, Wednesday’s and Fridays were lift days and Tuesday and Thursday I’d do GPP. Tuesday would be straight bar curls, cable tri extensions, rows and planks finished with LISS. Thursday would be dumbbell curls, skull crushers, lay pulls and planks, finished off with HiiT.


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      Thanks. I like that approach. And if I have some extra time on a lift day or feeling strong I can add some GPP on at the end or just save it all for pure GPP days.

      Thanks again!


      • Chef Chris
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        I do my gpp weights on lifting days 1 and 3, but really kind of cram it in doing large pull down, triceps push down, and dB curls all in one large set, wait 2 minutes, rinse and repeat. I do Liss between day 1 and 2, and hiit after weight day 3. That seems to work for my recovery. I’m on week 8 of beginner template, so did 10weeks total during the first phase.

      • AdamP
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        Thanks Chris!