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12 wk strength template and DOMS

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  • 12 wk strength template and DOMS

    Hello all, this topic wasn’t approved for some reason so hopefully
    u folks may have some insight for me?
    im on week 6 of the 12 week strength template and do the 3 day set up.
    for the last 4 weeks I have had DOMS that really never go away in my quads and glutes. I
    do tend to push the rpe a bit (for example if asking for [email protected], I may wind up with [email protected] or 9.5).
    protien is no less than 150grams/day from animal, carbs too high (I like to eat) , I eat 5 whole
    eggs per day for fat etc. sleep is at least 7 hrs. Lifts are going up but I’m considerably tired
    all day. I’m 51 years old and have been powerlifting for about 3 years. Anysuggestions would
    be greatly appreciated. Should I cut back volume or rpe, etc? Increase protein? I’ve had quad and glute soreness straight for over a month.

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    Hey, I'm the same age as you. Training in a strength block is inherently tough. I'd say having a certain amount of fatigue is inherent to the programming. Just saying, you aren't really supposed to have zero soreness.

    Do the DOMS dissipate as you warm up? If you really feel like you're not recovering in a sustained way, I'd skew those top sets that are supposed to be RPE 8 down, instead of up, but keep the same volume. If your recovery is a bit slow, the weight that used to be RPE 8 is now RPE 9+. Find the weight that is really an 8 based on how you feel during that workout. Your current level of soreness factors into the weight you choose.


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      Same recommendations. You need to scale to an actual RPE 8. Perhaps longer warm up and smaller jumps in weight as you are warming up. Knowing that the more you train the more adapted you will become. One thing that clicked for me in the past few years is how important the GPP days are. Don’t skip those as they help recovery as well. Best of luck. Great job so far and keep at it!


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        Whipchop thanks as well. I’ll give this all a go thanks again