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  • JMF123
    If you are feeling lightheaded then you should make sure you keep your neck and thorax extended and make sure you're not breathing too shallow.

    You are less likely to overshoot your RPE when you are increasing the weight in small increments like RPE 6, RPE 7, RPE 8 and it's also a good way to accumulate enough volume.

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  • Rubendanger

    In general when I do squats and deadlifts I sometimes feel light headed

    - are you holding your breath through the lift? Maybe this is a breathing/bracing issue that could be eased decreasing load?

    and it drains my energy abit.
    - Moderate/hard training should tire you out, this seems fine.

    Is this a symptom of anything or is this normal?
    -This would be a question better suited for your doctor, not an unmoderated internet forum

    Originally posted by Jordan Feigenbaum View Post
    Sounds more like a programming issue, as LP and SL do not use RPE to manage load, e.g. you're just supposed to add weight. Why don't you try our Beginner Prescription for free and see how you like it.

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  • Shaz
    started a topic RPE follow up question

    RPE follow up question

    Hi Barbell Medicine

    I recently created a post about light RPE gains (

    In this post I mentioned I was doing stronglifts then moved onto Juggernaught training and I mentioned I have a hard time doing anything thats RPE8+, Jordan suggested it may be a programming issue.

    I'd just like to ask a few follow up questions (wasnt sure if i replied to that thread it would get picked up).

    - In general when I do squats and deadlifts I sometimes feel light headed and it drains my energy abit. Is this a symptom of anything or is this normal? (So for example lack of calories, lack of sleep, is it my training sensitivity, low electrolytes etc? I can never figure it out). I never get this issue with bench as its a less taxing lift and as I dont really like squatting or deadlifting for this reason (drains my energy, find it very tiriing / taxing) perhaps I should just focus on bench and do bodybuilding type stuff for legs etc. and maybe my training sensitivity isnt set out for powerlifting?

    - The RPE set out of Juggernautsand Barbell Medicine are quite different. For example Juggernaut would have me do High bar squat at RPE 9 1x10 followed by High bar squat at 5 x 10 at RPE 8. (so 5 sets at the same RPE)

    However, BBMs approach (or at least in the bridge) BBM seems to do RPE per set, so for example in the bridge squat is often 1st set RPE 6, 2nd set RPE 7 and final set RPE 8. (sometimes two sets at the same RPE but generally most sets have different RPEs)

    I was wondering if there's any particular reason BBMs RPEs are like this, I assume it's to make it easier on the CNS/recovery?

    Thanks in advance