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15 Year old Strength enthusiast !

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  • 15 Year old Strength enthusiast !

    So i basically eat standard three meals per day no snacks no pre workout whatsoever, i want to not lose any strength whatsoever whilst losing bodyfat, cuz i have like 3 chins and i dont want to be ugly, i want to be something like Brian Shaw, just a big guy that is kinda fat so he can be and look stronger in clothes but not that fat he is ugly. take a look at my instagram if u want : andrei_tank2x

    Age: 15
    Weight : 100kg/225lbs ( My family are endomorphs, my genetics consist of very high bone density, i love that because the higher the bone density the more muscle mass u can get naturally, i hope i grow taller tho)
    Bodyfat : 25%
    Height : 173cm 5'8

    Training experience : 10 months my hormones definetly played a big role in getting these numbers here in only 10 months, i literally gained 30kg too, i weighed 70kg, now im at 100kg, unfortunately it was like half bodyfat i gained too.... and i grew 5cm, nice !

    1RM :
    SQUAT 130kg
    BENCH : 95kg
    DEADLIFT : 170KG

    I use straps and belt on every exercise that benefits that equipment, im doing farmers walk and my grip is alright.

    Diet :

    400g carbs
    200g protein
    200g fats ( i eat 18 eggs a day beacuse leucine and because its the most digestable protein ofcourse if we dont count whey isolate...... and i drink a whole liter of whole milk every day)
    I take 6000IU of vitamin D per day because Vitamin D is very important i have learned for what im doing

    So yea we can all see the fat intake is very high, should i do anything about it ?

    Training split right now (every single set, from the 1st to the last is done at RPE 8-9, sometimes i gotta rest 5 min beacuse i cant do the weight for as many reps i did with the first set, is that not optimal?) :

    Monday : Squat4x6 / Pendlay Row4x8 / Bench Press4x7 / Farmers walk 1x 30m / Hanging, just simple hanging from a bar with straps for around 30 seconds

    Tuesday : Standing Strict Press4x6 / Preacher Curl 2x10 / Hanging

    Wednesday : Lat Pulldown4x6 / Deadlift3x6 / Standing Strict Press4x6 / Farmers walk 1x 30m / Hanging

    Thursday : Standing Strict Press4x6 / Preacher Curl 2x10 / Hanging

    Friday : Squat4x6 / Pendlay Row4x8 / Bench Press4x7 / Farmers walk 1x 30m / Hanging

    Weekend : Rest

    After this week i add 2.5kg to Squats and Deadlifts only

    then we basically switch it up so i deadlift Monday and Friday and Squat Wednesday and instead of pressing tuesday and thursday i bench press and i OHP in my full body workous, basically switch it up

    And then i add another 2.5kg to my squat and DL so ive increased my working weight by 5kg in 2 weeks, and my upper body lifts all get 2.5kg so i increased them by 2.5kg every 2 weeks

    What do you think of me ?