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  • Weekly progression

    Hi everyone!
    I will soon start Powerbuilding 1 and need some little explanation about how to progress on a weekly basis.
    Let's say that on week 1 I have 1 set @rpe 8 with Xkg.
    Week 2 is 2 sets @rpe 8 so it's an increase in volume.
    Should I shoot for an increase in weight as well?
    Is it even possible to add both weight and volume maintaining the same Rpe?
    I've never used rpe before so I am still a bit confused.


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    You might benefit from checking out more BBM material, specifically the information about RPE. You might consider looking at the Beginner Prescription or Bridge as an intro to BBM programming and RPE.

    Increasing weight and volume is not unheard of, but my guess is that somewhere along the line you would be under/over estimating RPE, which would be problematic.

    Using RPE is an acquired skill. Many of us still struggle with it at times but the deeper you get, the better you will get at judging RPE. There is a lot of trial and error involved. You can find a ton of information here in the forum about RPE. There should also be percentages given in your template, which you can use to ballpark your weights/RPE.

    good luck!