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Powerbuilding I Leg Press Belt Squat HBBS alternatives

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  • Birkovic
    Wouldn’t it be possible to simply do high bar on day three as well? Only lighter. Either just treat it like a light day and do similar sets as day 1 with lighter weights. Focus on technique, bar speed, short rest etc. or make it more challenging through amraps, myo-reps or something like that?

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  • Smokes
    Update: So I went with front squats and after about 30 minutes of front squatting with just the bar/light weight I have come to the conclusion that I'm going to need some more practice before I can do it with meaningful weight.

    So I went over to the crossover machine and was able to get set up and did belt squats, though there's only 150 in the stack, but I found a way to add 25 to the stack and then hang another 25. Combined it was a reasonable load for a set of 10.

    I'm going to continue working on front squat form, but I ordered a low pulley for my lat pulldown/weight stack in my garage and will work with that in the mean time. My front squat challenges are a combination of being able to hit depth while staying upright enough that the bar doesn't fall off my clavicle.

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  • JMF123
    I would say the barbell front squats or split squats out of these three.

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  • Powerbuilding I Leg Press Belt Squat HBBS alternatives

    My normal squat is HBBS and I did that day 1, so for day 3 of powerbuilding I'm looking at alternatives. I do not have access to a leg press or belt squat machine. Thoughts on things that are simlar:

    1) Front squat -> I've never done these, but can give these a go.

    2) Belt squat using a cross over cable machine. I can set the pulley low and connect my belt (I usually use it for added weight pullups/dips). Never done belt squats though so unsure if 175 pounds (max on machine) is enough

    3) Split squat?

    Any other thoughts? No safety bar for SBBS either.