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Home Gym Weight Limitation

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  • Home Gym Weight Limitation

    Any home gym owners here (or people that understand this sort of thing) know if storing ~400lbs to 500lbs worth of plates/gear in a room that has wooden flooring would be an issue? This is the first floor but not on a slab. There is crawl space directly underneath this floor. I figured it'd be an issue but then silly me realized, well, my fridge weighs a bookshelf weighs a lot.

    Thanks, let me know any other info i can provide.

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    I'm not a structural engineer, and for true peace of mind you could briefly consult with one for a small fee.

    This isn't advice, just my own experience: It hasn't been an issue for me over past four years (second floor). I lift on a platform, which helps spread the load (the hardwood flooring and plywood subfloor do that, too). For storage, I split the plates evenly between two trees that sit on opposite sides on the floor beyond the end of the platform. I don't think any of these things make a huge difference--like you say, there are other comparable loads in a residence (bookshelf, appliances, a dinner party). On the other hand, just like a library with multiple book stacks is designed for such load, I will never push it by going beyond the residential range by stacking twenty 45s over the middle of each floor joist, dropping loaded bars from Olympic lifts, etc.


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      Hey guys. I found this link useful.