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Barbell medicine removed a lot of articles?

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  • Barbell medicine removed a lot of articles?

    Is there a reason for this? Ie the information in them is no longer relevant? I had highlighted a lot of these articles using a plugin and planned to compile them neatly into a word doc during an upcoming break from work. Is it possible to get a copy or are they gone for good ?

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    What articles are you referring to?


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      Originally posted by Leah Lutz View Post
      What articles are you referring to?
      Blogposts* referenced


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        you can/might find some stuff here:

        Like the You-Don't-Know-Squat article..... where they said things like sprinters shouldn't do half squats, and girls don't have shit for hormones to build muscle ..... just as an example.

        Turns out umairsemail was right all along !
        So that's why they probably deleted those articles.

        Maybe the other articles you reference are in there,
        but I'm not wading thru all that any more'll have to do it.



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          Jordan did write somewhere in response to an inconsistency someone pointed out in his writings that he needs to update a lot of his old pieces to reflected his changed opinions.


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            Yes, we have made it pretty clear that older things need to be updated. Some might have been removed for that reason. It looks like you are referencing some pretty old articles.