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Squat form check. Getting very frustrated

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  • Squat form check. Getting very frustrated

    I've been doing starting strength for about 3 months. I feel pretty comfortable with all the lifts besides the squat.
    So far my lifts are

    squat 305 3x5
    Bench 280 3x5
    Deadlift 375 3x5
    press 165 3x5
    power clean 150 3x5. Just started these a couple weeks ago, was doing rows prior to that.

    I'm having a hell of a time reaching depth in the squat. Now that the weight is really heavy for me. I feel like I lose tightness, and my tailbone wants to tuck forward under me when I break parallel. My knees travel forward slightly at the bottom too. Is TUBOW Recommended here?
    I'm extremely frustrated with squats. Why are they so fucking complicated???lol.

    I added 2 links. One with 305lbs my 3rd working set of 5.
    and one tempo descent squat video, with 255.

    On the tempo, stuff just feels weird when I break parallel. What am I doing wrong? 305lbs

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    Looks okay to me. You're hitting depth fine.

    What RPE was this and what RPE were you meant to hit?

    If it's over the prescribed RPE then lower the weight. Otherwise don't overthink this.


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      So I've just started to read about RPE, since coming to this site. RPE isn't mentioned much in the starting strength linear progression. But squats at 310 today felt real heavy, probably 9.5 to 10 on the 5th rep of 3rd set.


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        I'm using a crappy laptop and have not been able to view the video. However,

        it sounds like you're starting to grind and get frustrated with squats. It might be about time to wrap up SSNLP, there's not much benefit to squeezing everything you can out of it. Moving on to a program with more variety is actually likely to help you with your form. I would consider switching to the bridge ( or another well made program soon.

        Many people find that pause squats get them feeling more comfortable in the hole, so they may be worth a try.