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    Hey All,

    I am just about to finish out the Endurance template and begin the PowerBuilding 1 template. After reviewing I noticed it calls for GPP in the form of Arm work, Trunk Work, Upper back work, and SS Cardio or HIIT twice per week.

    In the overview its mentions the recommended split is Day 1, off, Day 3, GPP 1, Day 5, GPP 2, and off.
    I am assuming the GPP 1 and GPP 2 include all of the arm, trunk, upper back, and cardio work prescribed for each and distributed evenly.

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage to breaking the GPP days out and incorporating portions of them at the end of a primary day as opposed to doing all of the GPP work on a separate day? E.g. having arm, trunk, and back work at the end of say Day 3 and Day 5 of the three training sessions and cardio only on the GPP 1 and GPP 2 days. Or is the GPP work prescribed on the days outside of the 3 primary days to increase frequency that the stress is applied throughout the week? Any input regarding logic on this would be appreciated.

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    I'm sure it's just a personal preference thing, but I feel like I would either fatigue some of my later work (i.e. AMRAP for pendlay rows might be 80 instead of 95, HIIT interval quality on the airbike would be impacted by jello legs from 13 sets (7 warm up, 6 working) of deadlift or squat, etc.

    Combine that with the fact that the longer workouts take almost 2 hours and you're going to be logging some serious time in a single session. :P

    Of course, if the option is "skip it" or "combine it," definitely better to combine than skip.