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Pendlay rows with sub-45 pound plates?

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  • Pendlay rows with sub-45 pound plates?

    How do you guys normally handle this?

    I'm having a surprisingly hard time finding objects in my house suitable for landing the weights on without getting obliterated.

    Phone books seem like a good fit but I'm not sure if they exist anymore.

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    I made rubber stall mat and plywood to make a pair of 1.5" and a pair of 3" blocks, sandwiching the wood between two pieces of stall mat.
    Basically, solid wood (2x lumber or plywood) to get the height plus something durable yet resilient (thin carpet tiles or rubber stall mat) to absorb noise/impact and help prevent unwanted rolling. Can just use only the rubber but costs more and is heavier.
    If you can't obtain these supplies, maybe stacks of any old books but wrapped up somehow to protect. Could work for short term. I think you'd still need a top layer or you'll end up with ruts before long. Good luck.


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      do you have other plates that you can put on the floor?


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        I wound up using my 45 pound bumper plates as props. It was ok except that to keep the barbell stable you have to land the weights in the recessed part around the hole. Otherwise you have to reposition.

        Thanks for the ideas. I think two phonebooks of the appropriate thickness might be ideal.