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    I am running the Bridge, and for my GPP days I am already adding some conditioning into my days, such as a sprint, small lower/upper circuit that is not too taxing. I am now thinking of adding some sled work into my workouts (sled pulls/pushes). Should I also add tire flip work also? Can I get a small insight as to what sled push, sled pull, and tireflip does to carry over into my 3 main lifts? I have HEARD that tire flips mimic the deadlift, but I am not sure. If you reccommend, I can get both.

    Also, I want to try to get a "full body" conditioning if possible. For lower body, I was thinking of doing some sled/tire work, but I am not sure what to do for upper body. Push ups?

    Thank you

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    I don't think any GPP work will give you much carryover to your three mainlifts. Maybe a little bit from tireflips to deadlift, but if you are already training the deadlift hard, I cannot imagine it will give you much extra. I think of GPP as more work to stay in shape, not as accessory lifts. In terms of upperbody, pushups and pullups seem like good choices. Pushups could help with your bench, but the rep range is so different that if you are already training bench hard, I don't think it will give you much extra to say your 1 RPM or even your 5 or 10 RPM.