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Methods to progress chin ups

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  • Methods to progress chin ups

    It looks like the gyms will remain closed where I am for a while so I got a cheap doorway mounted pull up bar.

    When I set it up I could only do 2 consecutive full range of motion chins, so I switched to negatives and did them as slow as I could for 13 reps. The next day I was horribly sore and the day after I couldn't do any full rom chins. I just did more negatives, but I feel like I should ask experienced people for opinions about progressing in consecutive reps instead of just guessing what would help.

    I know weight loss makes them easier and I have that as a goal as well but in terms of programming I'm not sure what to do. At the time of this post my soreness is mostly gone but I still can't do a full ROM chin like I could on Sunday.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    The negatives are quite useful, and the soreness that came with them is not unusual. I have previously programmed this for clients in a similar position to you:

    3 cluster sets of 3 jumping pullups superset with 4 negatives. This means that you perform the 3 jumping reps, catch your breath, and then perform the 4 negatives. I would start at twice per week, and progress to more volume via more jumping reps per set, and eventually, you will be able to do normal reps instead of jumping reps.