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Is the GPP cardio prescription in the beginner program sufficient to make progress?

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  • Is the GPP cardio prescription in the beginner program sufficient to make progress?

    In the second phase of this template you work up to 30 mins LISS once a week and 9 20s sprints at intervals, also once a week.

    I'm just curious, can one make much progress in speed or endurance with such a low frequency? Maybe it doesn't really matter but by the standards of resistance training that seems like a very low frequency.

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    It depends on your current cardio conditioning.

    One way to get a rough idea if you are improving, during your 30 min LISS session, measure your average HR and distance traveled. Either your HR should be better or distance traveled further with time if you are seeing progress.


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      Smokes hit the nail on the head. The template is designed to improve your strength training (and it assumes you are a beginner). It also tries to get you some cardio work. If you are coming to lifting from a background of getting lots of cardio work (lets say you are a runner or on a HS soccer team that practices daily) its not going to be enough to improve your cardio. In fact you might lose a little cardio conditioning. By contrast, if you have been doing no cardio, then I think it is enough to improve your cardio. After some time, your cardio gains would plateau.

      Its like asking whether doing 4 sets per muscle group is enough to progress. For a beginner probably. For somebody with a lifting background no.


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        Thanks for the responses.

        Kind of torn here because I care more about strength gains than endurance improvements, but I'm so bad at HIIT that I'm tempted to do it more frequently, just because I expect I will get a lot better at it.

        Got some impressive DOMS from doing sprints yesterday, which is inclining me to just keep it to once per week.