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Chains on accessory/supplemental lifts?

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  • Whip Chop
    Hey there! Similar feeling and experience except with bands for me. They are cheaper, not as noisy, easier to set up, etc.

    As far as chains, I don’t know if they would be as effective on movements like pen rows, split squats and others. I do know folks use them on bench and deadlifts but things like a slingshot type device on bench and bands on deadlifts have been effective for me.

    good luck and happy training!

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  • Crabcakelover
    started a topic Chains on accessory/supplemental lifts?

    Chains on accessory/supplemental lifts?

    I am unexpectedly enjoying using chains on my competition lifts on the Strength I template. It helps me consistently break parallel on my squats and it helps me overcome my fear of increasingly heavy lifts.

    like a cook who discovers a new spice and wants to use it on everything, I am considering experimenting with chains on accessory and supplemental lifts on other templates. Does anyone here have experience with chains on overhead presses, Pendlay rows, split squats, etc.? Any advice would be appreciated.