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Late Novice/Early Intermediate Form Check and Programming Help

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  • Late Novice/Early Intermediate Form Check and Programming Help

    So I tried to post this in the moderated training forum, not considering that this would be the more appropriate location for something like this (oops). Anyway, here's a little (hopefully relevant) background information:

    M/25/6'3"/210/~16% bf

    I've been lifting on and off for since I was a teenager, and recently decided to get serious about lifting when I decided to go back to school. I started the novice LP at the end of November last year, and currently my lifts are:

    Squat: 360 x 3 x 5 (reset once)
    Deadlift: 365 x 5 was highest weight/reps performed, recently reset and am currently at 340 x 5 (reset twice)
    Bench: 210 x 5 x 5 (reset once)
    OHP: 137.5 x 3 x 5 (reset once)

    relevant programming alterations to sslp:

    - alternate bench sets/reps between 3 x 5 and 5 x 5 (mentioned per Jordan in one of the podcasts, admittedly can't remember which)

    - transitioned to light squats on Thursdays (80% of Tuesday's weight performed for 2 x 5)

    - accessory arm work 2x a week performed after all required work sets, because broscience.

    Other than the aformentioned changes, I have followed the programming for the novice progression, eaten around 3500-4500 calories daily and I consistently sleep 6-8 hours a night. The only other detail that might be relevant from a fatigue accumulation standpoint is that I am a full time student and work full time in a somewhat physically demanding role (e.g. walking at a moderate pace consistently over an eight hour period, some light lifting occasionally up to 75 llbs).

    Tl;dr version:

    I am looking for some help critiquing my form, as well as any insight in to where to go next regarding programming. I am somewhat torn between TM with deadlift intensity day performed on the "light day", the bridge and possibly HLM.

    Thanks for any and all help/clarification!

    *Will upload videos in subsequent posts

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    Squat 360 x 5:
    DL 335 x 5:
    Bench 210 x 5:

    Also sorry for obnoxious grunting on squat video.


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      Squat looks pretty good but after the first rep the hips are definitely shooting up faster than the shoulders. It's easy to let that happen as the weight gets heavy. I have a sore knee right now from doing that yesterday.

      There was technically only one deadlift to watch due to the bouncing, but it looks alright. It's hard to tell just from the one but it looks like the the bar is rolling back towards you a little before it comes off the floor and is possibly moving back even after. If this is the case (not 100%) you might need to set up a little closer to the bar.


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        Got it. Any recommended internal cues I can use to help prevent my hips shooting up quickly moving forward?

        Also, when I set up much closer to the bar I tend to have an issue tipping forward as the weight gets heavier; any cues that might be able to help with that? I’ve been trying to work on pulling the slack out of the bar, and pulling the bar in with my lats; admittedly deadlift is what I’ve struggled with finding a groove on the most. I’ve considered switching to sumo because I feel like I get better tension, but the bar I own doesn’t have any central knurling and I’m hesitant to buy a new one as a more or less brand new lifter.


        • neandrewthal
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          One common cue for the squat is chest up if you are falling over, but I'm probably not the best person to give advice on this because I have recently redeveloped the same problem myself. I used to have a bad habit of leaning over (which caused lots of knee pain) but I kicked the habit, mostly just by really trying hard not to rather than a specific cue. It also helped that my sore knee was a reliable indicator, if I ever leaned forward too much my knee would let me know right away. But then months down the road I realised I was only hitting parallel so I dropped the weight and worked back up, but now that I am at the weight I was at before but deeper this time the bad habit has reared its head again.

          As for the deadlift, I wouldn't worry too much about the positioning just yet as I am not completely certain that there is a problem, which means that if there is a problem it probably isn't a huge one. I would need to see more reps and angles to be sure. Definitely let each rep come to a stop on the floor and reset your back before pulling again though because it's not really a dead lift if you don't and you will have 5x the opportunity to review your pulling position after.

          But I will just ask though: are you setting up with your shins 1" away from the bar when you are up straight?

        • SSBkr
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          Gotcha. I’ll try to get a video from a better angle during my session on Saturday to see if that elucidates whether or not I have bar path/placement issue. As for set up, I do set up 1” from the bar, but admittedly if I’m not careful I definitely have the tendecy to lose position throughout the set.

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        Don't do "touch and go" on yiyr Deadlift. Stop and get tight every time. You don't have to stand up and totally start over but it helps me to imagine I'm doing 5 sets of 1, or 3 sets of 1 etc.

        It looks more to me like your trying to lift up your chest in the squat at the point where it gets heavy, which is what like 90% of people do, including myself try to stay in your hips.

        Both of these weights look really easy for you despite how I'm sure they feel, one suggestion would be to just slow everything down by 10% and try to feel what going on.
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          Originally posted by SSBkr View Post
          Also sorry for obnoxious grunting on squat video

          But ... don't do it

          If you're grunting, you're exhaling, and you don't wanna be losing tightness before you've completed the rep. This will make it more likely that you'll lose form (i.e. loss of power transfer from hip to bar = hips shooting up first, an that)

          Hope this helps!
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            Thank you guys for all the feedback, I tried to be a little more deliberate on my light day to keep my hips from shooting up, and it definitely seems to help with how my knees feel the following day. Per Leah’s recommendation on the moderated forum I’ll be moving on from the SSLP after my training session on Saturday and starting the bridge next week. I’ll most likely start a thread on the training log forum to hopefully provide helpful feedback for the program as well as a training outcome.
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