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  • Hypertrophy 1 tempo bench

    Wondering if others are experiencing this and what your thoughts are.

    I’m on Week 6 of Hypertrophy 1 and have 3-0-3 bench, AMRAP at 70% of e1RM then 2x12x63% of e1RM. I tested the 1RM which is 107.5kg then did a set of 10 @ 75kg. I could only get out 8 reps of 67.5kg so dropped the 2nd set to 60kg and got out 10 reps.

    Reckon I should keep the weight at 63% and get as many reps in as possible or drop it much lower to get out the 12 reps for each set?

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    I've done similar schemes in other BBM programs (70% AMRAP set, 63% drop sets) and I've always interpreted it as "do a high-fatique high-rep set, then do some high-rep drop sets". I don't think that the specific % matters that much, but if you're not getting at least 10 reps on the AMRAP set and 12 on the first follow-up then I'd be inclined to drop the weight a little. If it's a novel movement, you'll probably find that you get better at it pretty quickly thereafter.