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  • Seated Overhead Press

    I’ve got a new barbell setup in my garage to train while the gym is closed.

    One complication is that the ceiling is too low to do a standing overhead press. Also, I’ve only got a flat bench instead of an adjustable bench. What would be a suitable substitute for the standing press? Would a seated overhead press without back support make sense? If so, any tips for how to perform this modification? What do??

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    I am in a similar situation as you after moving. I went with the kneeling press. I think the seated press is akward for lower reps. I just put the bar on the safety pins a bit under where the bar is floating the exercise. I think it works quite well.


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      Same here. Been doing a seated press for over a decade. I recently set up a basement gym again so I’m back to a seated press. Works fine, just use lighter weights. I have also found making it a dumbbell press is a little “easier” seated because of the range of motion. I also have to admit, I don’t love the overhead press (preference) so I’ve replaced a OHP slot with another bench variation so I’m benching of some sort 4x per week. I like it more and my bench is going up! Good luck!