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Getting Back into Training

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  • Getting Back into Training

    Due to health issues, which have been sorted out, I have not trained since the summer of 2019. I have lost much of my muscle mass and now am over weight. Previous to this I was 180lbs and in fairly good shape. I would like return to training but am not sure where to begin, I am about 215lbs right now. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

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    I broke my foot last year and was down for 8 weeks. I bought the beginner template and ran it as is. It took me about 6-7 weeks to get my strength back to where it was before the break and by the end I was back at my all time PRs. Would recommend it. If you are looking to lean out, do it at a slight deficit.


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      True. I guess I could run the strength template and then mini bulk then run the endurance temp. And continue from there...


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        If it's any consolation it seems unlikely you lost muscle mass just from not training while gaining weight.


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          could you explain? I’ve lost strength which will come back and I’ve lost most of my muscular definition if not all...


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            You probably gained a lot of fat but that doesn't mean the muscle went anywhere.