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How to get elbows down more

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  • How to get elbows down more

    Hi guys,

    Angle is from the back in a quick 155kg rpe 7 single but not sure if my elbows are too flared up even tho bar never moves up and down back. Any tips on improving? In my initial set up I do really try to dig bar into back and squeeze chest out. Should I pull the bar down and imagine tennis ball by chin that i think I'm correctly quoting from guys over at starting strength?

    Here's lil form vid


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    If it's what's comfortable for you and lets you stay tight then don't worry about it.


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      Widening your grip a few inches would probably help you keep your elbows down, as would the mental cue of pinning your elbows to your lats. I believe you that the bar isn't sliding around on your back, but that doesn't look like the most stable or comfortable (that amount of elbow flare would destroy my shoulders) position long term.